Startup-as-a-Service: Lets Innovate Together

Center for Global Innovators (CGI)

CGI is Innovation Consulting: with a design thinking mindset of IDEO, and the business capability of McKinsey, but all of that combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of the best startups. In an era of Industry 4.0 material industries are being disrupted one-by-one. Average life of Fortune 500 Companies has gone under 20 years now. Corporates & Incumbents need to innovate at a rapid pace to survive the potential threat of disruptors — who are not even born yet. CGI’s Startup-as-a-Service framework empowers your organization to decode creative, technical, and developmental issues of start-up lifecycle and equips your in-house innovation teams with startup-speed that drive today’s innovation leaders.

CGI Startup-as-a-Service Framework fuses together the best of Design Thinking, Lean Start-up, Agile and Growth Strategies — to help our partners thrive instead of being disrupted in today’s blazing fast business and technology landscape.

CGI Startup-as-a-Service Framework

CGI Startup-as-a-Service Framework is a structured approach to problem solving. Design Thinking is used to find a Business Model that solves customer problems. Lean Startup & Agile methods are used to achieve Product-Market-Fit. Growth hacking techniques including Blitzscaling is used to pull a hockey-stick growth.

Innovation Framework

Using CGI Startup-as-a-Service Framework & Innovation Framework — disruptive startups can be created and scaled at lightning fast pace. Atif Awan former VP Growth at LinkedIn advises that “make sure you have product-market fit before you invest in growth. What that means is you have validated that your product is in a market with large demand and your product is satisfying the need for users who try the product”.

Design Thinking is new project management — and companies needs to be obsessed with Customer wants & needs. Putting customer needs in the center of all we do for — is the key to win the new game. Whether it’s creating products or services — or building a new version of your product or service — everything has changed. It is a creative problem-solving process that uses elements from the designer’s toolkit like empathy & experimentation to arrive at new solutions. CGI offers Startup-as-a-Service — come join us and let’s innovate together — and unleash the startup within your organization.

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About the Author:

Imran Jattala is Building Innovation Ecosystem in Sixth Largest Nation 🇵🇰. He is Co-Founder of Center for Global Innovators. He Co-Founded meraPaisa an Islamabad based Impact FinTech Startup and UrbanBazaar a Dubai based e-Commerce Startup. He can be reached at: @ImJattala




Startup & Innovation Ecosystem Builder | $500 Billion Innovation Economy by 2030 🇵🇰 | Changing World 🌍 100 Startups 💡🚀 per Year | Author 📘 Innovate Faster

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Imran Jattala

Imran Jattala

Startup & Innovation Ecosystem Builder | $500 Billion Innovation Economy by 2030 🇵🇰 | Changing World 🌍 100 Startups 💡🚀 per Year | Author 📘 Innovate Faster

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